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UK Limited Company BASED IN NORTH WALES. Timeshare Elimination UK Limited, 13, Watling Street, Llanrwst, Conwy, North Wales, LL26 0LS. 01492 209467

DO YOU HAVE AN UNWANTED TIMESHARE? In todays market there is a need to find timeshare professional help when one is trying to remove themselves from timeshare. Trying to find a reputable UK business who can legally dispose of timeshare with 100% NO timeshare upfront fees can be almost impossible. You cannot trust anyone within the timeshare industry 100% by paying Upfront Fees!.

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NO HIDDEN OR UPFRONT FEES. We do not charge any up-front fees, appraisal fees or advertising fees? NO, NO, NO! Timeshare Elimination UK has never charged any type of UPFRONT fee to timeshare owners wanting to escape timeshare!  Why should someone pay for work yet to be done. We MUST work hard to dispose of your timeshare, because we do not make a penny until we do! Other companies have no incentive to work on your behalf if they have already received money from you upfront and most tend to be a timeshare scam UP FRONT FEE company trying to persuade you to join a bogus class action or other timeshare compensation/ mediation scam.

WE CAN LEGALLY DISPOSE OF A TIMESHARE FOR YOU. We are the UKs leading timeshare disposal business since 2010 who will help you dispose of your timeshare ownership at any resort world wide. There is no marketing involved, no meetings to attend, no long winded sales pitch. What we are offering is very simple, your timeshare liability surrendered from your name and legally transferred out of your name. 

WE WILL GET RID OF YOUR TIMESHARE FOR YOU. Stuck with a timeshare you don’t want? Let us help. It’s almost impossible to get rid of timeshares otherwise – and you will be wasting a lot of time and money if you try everything on your own. The market for timeshare is not as huge or as demanding as it once was. You will notice that there are thousands of timeshares for sale and only a very small percentage are purchased. If you have already tried to rent out your timeshare, sell your timeshare and have even contacted the timeshare resort to see if they will allow you to simply relinquish your timeshare but to no avail then we can help. 

GUARANTEED EXIT PROGRAM! It has never been easy to get rid of timeshare, with so many people losing their jobs and having their hours cut back, it is sensible to get out of timeshare because there is no room these days for lavish expenses. Being able to save money is a top priority for the majority of people, which is why you should escape timeshare and escape clubshare now.


Timeshare Contract

We can explain how to get rid of timeshare forever, escape timeshare, simply walk away from a timeshare, no more timeshare maintenance fees with our timeshare transfer service. It doesn't matter if your current ownership is timeshare perpetuity, timeshare escritura deed, timeshare USA warranty deed or timeshare leasehold ownership! Timeshare Elimination UK are the leading professionals in this field and we can help you.

We simply transfer your timeshare certificates out of your name. Sounds easy doesn't it? Unfortunately it's not!

Most timeshare resorts make it almost impossible to transfer ownership, inputting all kinds of clauses into the contract. Some resorts only allow ownership certificates to be transferred to people who already own their product.

We know of upfront fee timeshare scam companies in the UK and Spain that charge figures of £6,000 Upfront but do not transfer certificates BEWARE !

frustrated with timeshare

Even without the complicated transfer rules, how do you find someone who wants the liability transferred to them?

This is where Timeshare Elimination UK can help by getting you out of timeshare.

Once you have decided you are happy to use our service, your certificate(s) will be transferred out of your name and your timeshare resort will confirm this to you.

We are not a timeshare resales company. Selling timeshare is not what we do. We transfer your certificate(s) out of your name so that you are no longer the legal owner with the timeshare resort(s)

We are not selling you another holiday product, once we have transferred your certificate(s), your future holidays are down to you.

More often than not you can rent at a timeshare resort for far less than an owner pays in current  maintenance fees and rci exchange fees.

The cost of our services depends on the cost, time and difficulty of getting the transfer done. Fill in the form below or call 01492 209467 to receive your free No Upfront Fee quote.

1. Donate the timeshare to a UK charity. Timeshare donation, UK charities no longer use timeshare properties in the course of their fundraising efforts. Charity donations are no longer an option.   

(click here for more information)

2. Sell the timeshare. Timeshare can be resold to another party by the owner. Advertise the timeshare on ebay or use a reputable UK resale company with no upfront fees that specialises in timeshare resale and timeshare sales. Please be advised, TIMESHARE FRAUD, resale scams may seem appealing to start with, offering you thousands of pounds for your timeshare, money back schemes or class action suits Don't be fooled!   (click here for more information)

3. Return timeshare to the resort. Another alternative, an owner may be able to legally dispose of a timeshare by surrendering his or her rights to the unit back to the resort (return timeshare). While this may be possible, resorts often refuse as timeshare resorts are not selling there own weeks. Timeshare relinquishment (timeshare surrender) will more than likely be refused by the timeshare resort. They will not allow you to simply cancel timeshare or break the timeshare contract.   (click here for more information)

4. As a last alternative. timeshareelimination.co.uk can legally dispose of your timeshare by surrendering/transferring your ownership title. Offering timeshare relief for you and enabling you to exit timeshare forever. While this may result in costs such as admin and legal fees, you can now sleep at night knowing that you have legally and ethically disposed of your timeshare. NO UP FRONT FEES! 100% guaranteed!    (click here for testimonials)

At Timeshare Elimination.co.uk we work with Timeshare Owners, Trustees and Resorts to eliminate your timeshare ownership. We specialise in legally removing timeshare owners from Timeshare/Points contracts.

Timeshare Maintenance fees are too high, What happens if you default on annual maintenance fees? What happens if I don't pay my timeshare maintenance fee? Many timeshare resorts are now using debt collection agencies to chase up unpaid maintenance fees. This has been largely publicised in the UK press over the last few years. Some resorts are now taking timeshare owners to court. If your timeshare maintenance fees are in arrears the resort will insist that it is paid and up to date before you can sell or transfer your week(s) or points. Do you use the timeshare to exchange with RCI? (if the week is ceeded to RCI you will need to give RCI 13 months notice to unceed your week before you can sell or transfer your timeshare.

legal timeshare contract*Perpetuity Ownership *Leasehold Ownership *Escritura Deed Ownership. 
                                                                                                                                  "Escritura" is the Spanish/Portuguese word for a deed or document and the   Escritura system of timeshare ownership. USA warranty deed is a type of deed contract that transfers ownership with promises or guarantees.

If you are serious about wanting to dispose of your timeshare and stop paying the associated costs, then contact the timeshare helpline now on 01492 209467. We will guide you through every aspect of disposing of your timeshare/points burden.

Contact us now 01492 209467 to receive an honest evaluation of your timeshare. Our consultants will provide you with the right solution that other companies cannot or will not provide, so please contact us now. There is no obligation and NO UP FRONT FEES! 100% Guaranteed. Reputable UK Business. Exit from your timeshare today! Escape timeshare! Dispose of your timeshare! Start saving money! Stop paying ever increasing maintenance fees only to find out that there is no availabiltity anyway!

If you are not familiar with our company and your first contact with us is online: We would be pleased to hear from you! Please call 01492 209467 and let us know what your needs are and any questions you may have, we will be more than happy to help and explain how to exit timeshare.

In brief, you should know the following about us: Our business was established in January 2010 and has been responsible for providing timeshare owners with an honest and professional no upfront fee service ever since. Our speciality is in the area of cancelling timeshare contracts and offering timeshare consumer assistance . Our customers particularly value honesty, trust and no upfront fees. Our business is located at, 13 Watling Street, Llanrwst, Conwy, North Wales LL26 0LS.

http://www.seniorsdiscounts.co.uk     20% Discount to Seniors Discounts Members off our standard rate fee.

Timeshare Elimination UK is trying to rase £24000 for Afghan Heroes. All money raised will have a direct and positive impact upon our service personnel serving in Afghanistan. You will be helping our heroes by using our Timeshare Elimination Disposal service. Legally dispose of your timeshare by surrendering/transferring your ownership title. Offering timeshare relief for you and enabling you to exit timeshare forever. While this may result in costs such as admin and legal fees, you can now sleep at night knowing that you have legally and ethically disposed of your timeshare. NO UP FRONT FEES! 100% guaranteed!  http://www.justgiving.com/timeshare-elimination  Call 01492 209467 Today!

Timeshare Elimination UK is a member of the Federation of Small Businesses .

www.fsbonline.co.uk  FSB directory services.For further information about the Federation of Small Businesses, please vist www.fsb.org.uk.

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